Monday, March 27, 2006

A Room with a view...

Free-lancer-ul care sunt s-a apucat de vreo 2 saptamani de tradus. Am pornit ca o dacie 1300 ruginita, pe care abia o misti din parcare, trebuie eventual sa scoti un pic piciorul pe usa ca sa-ti mai iei un pic de avant... dupa care ajungi cu ea la 130 pe DN1, depasind renault-uri sau mai stiu eu ce, care raman socati si zic "WTF??? ".

Ma rog... acum merge bine, iar de cand Gabi A. mi-a imprumutat laptop-ul, pot spune ca m-am upgradat la un mustang decapotabil :) Mi-am creat un coltisor de lucru in care simt briza primavaratica si aud ciripelile vietatzilor din parc... mai o vrabie, mai o injuratura, mai o alarma, dar toate astea sunt oarecum in ton cu cartea de tradus (Stefania & Traian Cosovei, Les annes folles du socialisme, din romana in franceza).

Mai arunc un ochi la piscina din curte (i.e. strandul Moghioros) si la umbrelutele de stuf din jurul ei si ma gandesc la Vama sau la bungalow-ul de pe plaja din Noua Zeelanda unde sper sa-mi petrec o halca de viata...

Pui cu caise

Asta a fost unul dintre succesele rasunatoare ale saptamanii trecute:

Doua portii=

- juma de piept de pui dezosat, fiert
- juma de casoleta de caise uscate
- juma de cutie de smantana (d'aia inalta si cremoasa de la Danone)

- taiat pui fasii si perpelit intr-un strop de ulei de masline
- taiat caise fasii si aruncat langa pui, dupa ce s-a rumenit un pic
- adaugat smantana si juma de cana de apa
- condimentat (sare piper, chilli mix uscat)

- fiert 2 plicuri de orez uncle's bens in apa cu curry, sare, piper si chilli mix uscat

Distractia nu dureaza mai mult de 30 de minute, cu totul.

Tadaaaa! :)

PS: Nu, nu ma transform in gospodina, daca va trebui sa o demonstrez, voi publica o carte de bucate intitulata "The Punk's handbook to anarchic cooking".

My life's an Indie Flick :)

The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick

You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times.
Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness!

Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite

Saturday, March 25, 2006

How evil am I?

You Are 48% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

Monday, March 20, 2006

We don't practice Santeria, we don't have a crystal ball...

... asa ca nu stim care va fi raspunsul de la AXN peste o luna. Ce stim este ca am fost la interviu vineri si ca eu una n-am mai avut atatea emotii de cand ma stiu... adevarul e ca iti cam redescoperi corpul si reactiile cand aflii ca pana si pleoapele iti pot tremura de emotie, nu doar genunchii :)

Dupa o asteptare de o ora in hol la Hilton (timp in care am facut un amplu schimb de replici din White Chicks cu colega mea de echipa) am fost chemate la taclale intr-o camera plina de oameni foarte bestiali care s-au jucat elegant cu nervii nostri. Am trait senzatii tari si am iesit dupa vreo juma de ora linistite si impacate ca am dat tot ce se putea din noi.

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode...

Amazing Race - Central Europe


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eddie Izzard

This is as funny as it gets...

"The Old Testament! The beginning of the world, the Old Testament. That’s where stuff began, in the Christian version of things. Everyone had big beards, big fuckoff beards in the Old Testament, and the deep voices, (deeply and sternly) “Oh, I say to you… And the lights, and the clouds, and the chariot, and the burning bush… Oh, beard on fire! Shit!” (runs away) Into the Dead Sea… (sizzling sound) “Oh, a goatee!” Even the dogs in the Old Testament, big beards, (sternly) “Woof, woof, I say to you. A biscuit? Thank you.” In English comic books, “woof woof;” in French comic books, “ouaf, ouaf.”

So God… God created the world in seven days! A foolish brag, I feel. If I was God, I’d say, “I’m gonna create the world over a number of days;” not sure how long, might be a bit pressed, you know? Too much pressure, seven days dead! I’d just do it like Microsoft:

“It’s gonna be done by Saturday… Tuesday… next week… about a month… We’re gonna bring it out when we’re fuckin’ ready, right?” I think God was actually in bed, and his Mum said, “Get out of bed, will you, God? You’ll miss the best part of the day!” (His Mum was Mrs. Badcrumble.) “Get out of bed…” She’s just my clarinet teacher, all right? “Get out of bed, God, you’ll miss the best part of the day.” And God, who is James Mason, said,

“No, I won’t get out of bed, Mother, because I haven’t yet created the best part of the day. (mocking sounds) Can’t get me on that one! Boxed that one easy.”

“Oh, you, young scallywag! I’ll box you a bit later…”

So then God created the world, and the first day he created light, and air, and fish, and jam, and soup, and potatoes, and haircuts, and arguments, and small things, and rabbits, and people with noses, and jam – more jam, perhaps, and soot, and flies, and tobogganing, and showers, and toasters, and Grandmothers, and… Belgium.

The second day, He created fire, and water, and eggnog, and radiators, and lights, and Burma, and… and things that go “uuuhh,” and Colonel Khadaffi, and… Arthur Negus.

I think the third day, He probably got lists – “I can’t remember what I’ve invented, now. I’ve just been ad-libbing so far...” And so everything sort of builds up through the days, and you know, if you have a deadline, you know how it works; everything builds right up to the end. I think on the seventh day, God was running around, going, “Oh, my God! What haven’t I…? Rwanda! I better create Rwanda! Sorry, haven’t quite done that… The Tower of Pisa! Oh, it’s leaning… Oh, shi… done! Toilets in French camping sites… there we go. English football hooligans… there we go, whatever that is… Mrs. Thatcher’s heart… there we go… oh, fuck that! I know, I’ll put a stone in, that’ll work! There we go…”

The next week, I think, people are coming back, going,

“Rwanda doesn’t work very well; infrastructure’s fucked.”

“I’m terribly sorry, I’ll… put some more jam here, and… a mountain of cabbages, and a radiator.”

“Thank you, it’s just what we wanted.”

This is them drawing Rwanda back… (mimes pulling a cart) to lay it back on the map. (mimes writing a memo) “No one got that. Never do that piece again.”"

The whole transcript of the show right here

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cu un pas mai aproape de Amazing Race!

Ziceam prin ianuarie despre epopeea "Silvia si Sandra vor la Amazing Race"... sa recapitulam:
Trimis formular - rezolvat!
Trimis film bestial de prezentare - rezolvat!
Primit invitatie la interviu - chiar azi!

Da! Suntem cu un pas mai aproape de a participa la Amazing Race - Central Europe!