Monday, July 31, 2006

Wanted: old friends

Gens dont j'aimerais avoir des nouvelles:

Sasa Markovic
Julien Leveel
Marie Charlotte Colyn
Fred & Fabien Lafitte
Eva Maciejewski
Milos Alkalay Jr.

Si vous tombez sur ça, comment svp, ça me ferait un énorme plaisir :)

Mise à jour (30 septembre): Merci à ceux qui m'ont aidé à retrouver les Lafitte et Julien. Merci à Google d'avoir finalement trouvé Eva! :)


Andrés Laguna said...

My name is Andrés Laguna I am from Bolvia. I use to live at Brussels, my room mate was Fabien Lafitte, I use to play in Fred's band and I went to the same class with MC.
I heard a lot about you, sepecially from Fab.
Actually I was loocking for he's e mail.
I have MC's fone: 003226609197.
If I have news from them I let you know.

Sandra G said...

Hi Andres! I'm very glad you droped a line. I'm not home right now, but I'll call MC next week, as soon as I get back to Bucharest. Send me an e-mail at sandra dot ghitescu at gmail dot com so that I can have your address and let you know if I have any news of the brothers. It's great to hear Fred kept up the music, I remember the band he tried to put together back in Romania... Ah, those were the days! :) Thanks again for taking the time to post a comment! :)