Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Iar teste...

You should Stay up All Night on a tropical island

The beach may be the place to be in the daytime, but when the sun goes down, you like to hit the town! On vacation or off, you're a social soul who loves nothing more than meeting people, mixing it up, and having a good time. So when you do head to a tropical paradise, it's no wonder your first order of business is to do away with, well, business!

Whether you want to blow off steam on the dance floor or just watch the action unfold, nothing helps you relax and soak up the culture of a place more than being a part of its vibrant social scene. Have fun!

What's Your Tropical-Island Activity?

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Yazee Jay said...

ha! I got the same thing!

Sandra G said...

there you have it! proof we should be emmigrating and hanging on the same island! :)

marie said...

hahahaha. si io! :))
si io up all night ... me not emmigrating, me come visit :D