Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Se stie, I don't do tags. Dar asta de la Marie e prea tare, pentru ca imi convine! :P

Asadar, se da search pe google la modul "numeletau likes to" si se listeaza raspunsurile de pe prima pagina. Le dau in ordinea care-mi convine mie, pentru ca pot!

Categoria "wtf?"
Sandra likes to design and sow clothes. - poate in alta viata, sau Sandra la 10 ani cu Barbie-urile.
Sandra likes to escape to the library in her home, which is luckily soundproof, where she can dwell in the more sane, laugh-out-loud world of her Cajuns. - nope, not me, I do my escaping outdoors.
Sandra likes to play volleyball and basketball. - urasc volley-ul si basket n-am mai jucat de cand s-au prins baietii ca sunt fata :D
Sandra likes to work one-on-one with everybody. - nope, not really.

Categoria "funny"
Sandra likes to be needed. - Who doesn't? :)
Sandra likes to hang out with her friends and talk about clothes and music just like other girls her age. - funny pentru ca era pe un site despre 'kids with special needs' :)
Categoria "as vrea eu"
Sandra likes to talk about her movies, work and even her personal life to some degree.
Sandra likes to spend free time with her family and recently went to Aruba.

Categoria "sunt foarte multe Sandre in lumea trainingului, deci sunt in gasca care trebuie"
Sandra likes to offer her retreats and trainings in beautiful surroundings.

Si last but not least, categoria "hell yeah!"
Sandra likes to drive... but only when no one else is on the road.

Mersi Marie, you made my day :)

Sunt curioasa despre Jay si mi-e lene sa caut singura :)


mărie said...

Cand am vazut 'likes to drive' I knew I hit jackpot . . . :D

Sandra G said...

hahahaha! you know me well, obi wan :)

chiar acum cateva zile vorbeam cu madalin care imi povestea ca filmul lui despre mine este cu o masina de epoca decapotata, o tigara intr-un port-cigarette din ala fancy, pe o alee printre campuri cu floricele :)